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So what is phonics?

Well, in a nutshell, phonics is the teaching of reading and spelling through letter sounds. However, it is not simply the teaching of sounds.

Phab Fonics adopts a more creative approach allowing children to see the sounds in context through song and dance.

The key aim of Phab Fonics is to teach children in a fun interactive way by promoting a seamless transition from decoding to reading, and later spelling.

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Letters are represented by Phonic Friends, cute alliterative characters each with their own fun rhyming song and accompanying dance moves.

Alliteration and rhyme are very important as they develop children's ability to tune into speech sounds. This is especially important for those learning English as an additional language both domestically and in international schools abroad. Music plays a fundamental role in developing children's language.

Phab Fonics allows children to develop a broad repertoire of songs, each with multi-sensory actions and dance moves which encourage them to move in certain ways. This type of mnemonic learning is an excellent way to learn in a quick, memorable and, most important of all, fun way.

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